Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When Nathaniel and I were making plans to move to London, I would say something like "how wonderful! we are so close to so many places I have always wished to see..." and I would proceed to list off all those wonderful cities and countries: Spain (to see the Smiths and Rachel of course), Scotland and Wales (cause they are so close - and I think I have a bit of Welsh in me so really we must!), Paris, Rome! and Nathaniel would say "that is only if we can make our bank account stretch past our daily needs - sure that would be nice!" Of course Nathaniel was right, but I couldn't help but dream, and hope that somehow we might squeeze in at least one or two trips!

Travel certainly has not been in the budget since we arrived - and yet God knows how to give good gifts when it seems least possible. About a month ago Aunt Gillian invited me to go on a trip with her - she had not decided where, but she had extra air miles and she would like some company.

And so I went to Paris! We filled four days with drinking coffee (the real way according to Aunt Gillian),

seeing the sites,

listening to music in subway passages,

and getting as much time with Gillian Jackson (Nathaniel's youngest sister) as we could!

But with all that we saw and did, the very best part was coming home to the arms of my wonderful husband!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Fish and Chips and Vineger, Vineger..."

Nick (Nathaniel's brother) came for a visit on his way back from China. The day of his departure, we discovered a farewell note and a 'tenner' (10 pounds sterling) with very special instructions..."use this to go out and get a treat of Fish and Chips!"
So one night, not too long afterward, we did...

We walked 'round to a local fish 'n chips shop and ordered our haddock and chips with lots of vinegar. Then, with our dinner wrapped up in paper, as is customary, we walked briskly home before it got cold! Fish and chips are a distinctively English prescription for wet chilly days.
Nathaniel thinks we ought to obtain a weekly prescription!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Daisy June

Yesterday I spent the morning with my friend Ellen and her three precious children. Daisy June, three, chatty and inquisitive, was sitting on my lap quizzing me about my family. the conversation went:
DJ: Where does your mummy live?
me: Um -- (wondering how much detail to give)- well, my mom lives in Texas
DJ: Oh, (short pause), well what is your mummy called?
me: Well, "Mom"
DJ: Nooooo... but what is she called?
me: Her name is Darcie
DJ: Oh (finally satisfied, but maintaining her characteristic pouting expression)

Slight interruption as the bus stopped and people rearranged themselves.

Lady across the aisle: Excuse me - I did not mean to be listening in on your conversation, but did you just say that your mom lives in Texas and that her name is Darcie? - This is going to sound so strange, but I'm from Texas and My name is Darcie!
me: No kidding (laugh)!
DJ: is that your mummy? (the puzzle completed)
me: No, she is not-though she does have the same name and is from the same place.
DJ: (silent and disappointed)

What are the chances? I am sitting on a bus in the middle of London and there across the aisle is a woman who (revealed later) was named after Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice (sound familiar?), and who is from Houston Texas. It's a small world after all.

Monday, November 10, 2008

what I found...

The other day I went out to do some job hunting - though I did not find a job, I did find a few other things. I have been looking high and low for a pie pan - which surprisingly are few and far between - and while I was out I discovered the Cookery Nook. Surely, I thought, this is the place for me! and I did find a pie pan - a little deeper then I am accustomed, and a little more expensive than I would have liked, but it was white with pretty rippled edges and I would be sure to use it often...so I bought it.

As I headed home, I stopped at a near by out-door market to see if there were any deals. I found a great load of bananas for a smashing price - from a man that was yelling "ol dat der fo a poun!" (translated "all that there for a pound!"), how could I say no?

I walked home with my precious pie pan, and a load of bananas wondering what would I do with so many bananas...well make banana cake!... and lots of it!