Thursday, February 24, 2011

Today, Florence is 5 weeks old.

We celebrated by taking a couple steps into 'normal' life.
(whatever that is anyway...)

  • We got out of the house by 7 - I was in sweats and a hoodie, and Florence was still in her 'jammies, but still - We met up with some girls from church for our Thursday morning get together. This is the first one we have made it to since Florence arrived.
  • We went to the grocery store, sure it wasn't a big shopping venture - just to pick up a few items to make Nathaniel his special birthday desert! - but there were no melt downs by either of us and we didn't forget anything. I would count that outing a success.
  • We went for a walk - it was below freezing but Florence was snugged up in a couple blankets, and a lovely warm wool hat from her Gran and buttoned up into a carrier. It was good to get some fresh air even if my fingers felt frozen as I am glove less at the moment. (by the way mom - if you are reading this, I think I should try to make those sweet fingerless gloves you were wearing while you were here...where can I get my cold fingers on that pattern!?)