Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I have been knitting this little sweater for Florence.

It has taken me ages to finish, but has been a really easy pattern.  If you fancy giving it a go, it's a free pattern (yay!) you can find it here.

The sweater is definitely not perfect, but even with all its' quirks Florence looks pretty cute in it.

I almost went with a red button - in the end I decided to go more subtle. And who knows if it still fits her in the Autumn (which it might seeing how huge it is on her...), I might just go ahead and change out the button.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

We have been sick with the stomach bug at our house this week...that is, Nathaniel and I have been, Florence has been teething.  There has been a lot of wearing sweat pants and lounging on the couch.
I was feeling much more myself yesterday, so Florence and I went on a walk to Thornden Park so Nathaniel could get some much needed rest, and to distract this little girl from the discomfort of teething.

 We managed to find and almost dry field of grass to explore.
 And look! Florence is finally walking. She is so, so pleased with herself.

Don't you just love the red pants?

When Naomi was packing up their home in Spain, she brought a suitcase to me in London full of clothes Selma wore. Naomi said they were her absolute favorite baby clothes and couldn't bear to give them to a charity shop, would I be interested in them? 
Yes - of course! 
Though I wasn't pregnant yet and Nathaniel and I had transatlantic move of our own coming up I could not resist. And we (I) have really, really been enjoying the clothes in that suitcase, these red pants and white top are just two of the awesome bits Naomi passed on.
fun - don't you think?