Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3 matching dresses

you might call it - the Jackson's Antique Attic Boutique, its where they come from.
three little white dresses, all just about the same size.

Three baby girls were born into the greater Jackson family: Florence, Anastasia & Liesl
Three little cousins almost the same age, all just about the same size.
While everyone was in town this weekend, we subjected our little girls to a matching dress photo op.

unfortunately the pictures did not come out very well - but the girls were terribly cute!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Remember this lovely fabric - from this post last spring?

After making a table cloth and a dress for myself (which didn't quite come out, and I am not sure if I will ever actually wear it) there was still fabric left.  I loved the fabric so much I couldn't bear to leave it in London & I managed to justify bringing it back with us by using it to wrap around some breakable items that were being mailed from Bromley to Syracuse.

Recently I was rooting through my bag of fabrics and was inspired to make a little dress for Florence.  With all the interruptions of life I only just put the final touches on it.

I went back and forth about what buttons I should use - see I was so very drawn to those red buttons. But would it look like a Christmas tree Nathaniel asked? he had a point there.
In the end I went with my heart and used the red buttons, and I am so glad...hardly christmassy at all.

It's a bit big here and a bit wonky there, but she looks so stinking cute in it. 
*and if you put her on the table - she practically disappears !*