Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nathaniel, Football & I

Nathaniel really really enjoys football (mind you it's football not soccer). This has been gradually dawning on me over the past two years with the help of little hints such as:
  • He keeps about 6 soccer balls in the trunk of his car (just in case!)
  • He slows down - when walking or driving - past a pick-up soccer match
  • He pours over the selection of soccer cleats in his sports catalogs as much as I do an Anthropology catalog
But I have arrived at a new level of comprehension. Not only does Nathaniel really enjoy football - he is passionate about it and loves to share this aspect of his life with me! This is evident, when he invites me to join him for a 'football workout', which often includes a mini lesson and the encouraging declaration, "You're a natural babe!"

So, the other night when Nathaniel asked if I would like to join him to watch Match of the Day (his favorite TV program that shows the highlights of all the English premiership games that day), it was with delight that I snuggled up next to him in front of the television for an hour of footballing fun.

While I took note of how "that poor guy is on the wrong team -- his hair color just does not work with the color of his uniform..." Nathaniel admired the skill and finesse of the athletes. Sharing with me bits of information about what was going on. He patiently answered my questions about the game, which always seemed to come at the most inconvenient moments (like right before a big goal was scored). My favorite part was when they showed the top 10 goals of the month. To my delight, Nathaniel even added his own commentary to his favorite ones.

I think I am getting it - this football business. Just the other day I made a football connection - I said to Nathaniel "I bet Josu looks a lot like Wayne Rooney (English footballing hero) when he was 3 years old!" Nathaniel laughed heartily in agreement. Score!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dear Mom,

Somehow - somehow I always miss your birthday. "How is this possible?" I ask myself every year after your birthday has slipped by. Well here it is - over a week past and I have missed your birthday yet again!

That said...I would like to say:

Happy Birthday Mom - truly you are a wonderful treasure! You are a faithful example of Christ likeness and you inspire me to press on to a higher calling! Someday I hope I can be even a little bit of what you are... fun, thoughtful, wise, creative, orderly, godly, cute, and a wonderful wife and mother.

I love this picture because it shows just how very fun you are!
paletas on a meltingly hot day in San Antonio - Yum!

I love you!

- Abi

p.s. Sorry I missed your birthday!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Because he loves me so...

When we walked into Lewisham to do a few errands together,
Nathaniel bought me a cute pair of red shoes!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I love to say to Nathaniel: "Remember when such and such happened? ... "

Recently I have been "Remembering" to Nathaniel about our past two Decembers together! here are just a few:

Remember when we got married?
how overwhelmed we felt by the kindness of so many people?
how beautiful everything looked? how wonderful it was to go
to the airport and get on an airplane together
- isn't together such a happy word?

Remember last Christmas time? how there was a snow storm on our anniversary - but we went out anyway, and remember how magical it all was? Remember how you surprised me with a perfect little Christmas tree?

I can imagine that in a couple months I will be "Remembering"
to Nathaniel about this Christmas just passed...Christmas Smith style in Pamplona!

Remember wonderful conversations over cafe con leche with
the Smiths and Rachel?
Remember when Naomi made that
salad/tikka masala/pizza/stout cake/ministroni...?
Remember those delicious pastries and chocolate
covered orange peelsfrom Biatriz?
Remember Malachai singing Spanish Christmas carols?
Remember all the cheese Gillian brought from France?
Remember running with the bulls? ... errr um, bull statutes?