Wednesday, August 12, 2009

June came for us with a whirlwind of events including the end of Cornhill for Nathaniel. I have been remembering back to last year as Nathaniel and I packed our suitcases taking a big step across the ocean trusting that this was God's plans for us.

One of the things that has been a joy for me is meeting the other "Cornhillers", hearing their stories of how God has brought each and every one of them to London to study the Bible at Cornhill.

One of the guys we got to know well was Nick, a 23 year old medical student who took a gap year (an optional year break from studies offered to students who are intrested in travel or personal develpment) in order to attend Cornhill. Nathaniel and Nick would ride their bikes home through the London traffic after classes. They would intensely discuss the days lecture while I listened and made dinner. Then over tea and desert we would play a card game or two and chat about life...what God is doing in our lives.

So with the end of Cornhill, Nick came round to 10 Montague for a last time where we enjoyed pancakes in the back garden on a rare sunny evening in London. It was a neat time to reflect back on the year and look forward to work that God has yet to do. For Nick it is back to medical school, for Nathaniel and I it is continued work at Christ Church Bromley.

simple pleasures

Every third Saturday there is a little farmers market
across the street in Hilly Fields.
I usually enjoy a stroll through the stands
to enjoy the sights and the smells.
On this particular morning, I had a few pounds sterling
burning a hole in my pocket,
so I bought a few treats.

It is hard to explain but I am very inspired to be
creative with my cooking after a stroll through the farmers market...
not to mention when I have a few little treats to work with.