Sunday, July 8, 2012

Last week I turned 30.
I kinda thought I would never turn 30 - but here I am!  A friend commented, "We so often get caught up in dreading growing older that we miss the blessing we enjoy in being given an other year (or day) to live."

Mom and I went to the farmers market last weekend (my birthday weekend...), she bought me a little succulent plant to go on my kitchen window sill as a birthday gift. A lovely reminder for me in the year to come of the sweet blessing I enjoy in my mom's friendship.

Thanks Mom, it looks lovely in my window.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Florence feeding her baby doll
So, it's the end of Tuesday. It's been a good day - thanks.
Things started out a bit bumpy with an early morning and a grouchy baby but as the day unfolded God gave me a day full of sweet blessings. 
A few highlights: 
  • Florence took a wonderful long nap while I got a visit in with Nathaniel's mom and sisters.
  • When picking Nathaniel up from work he suggested we share a treat lunch at the cafe next to the school. We  enjoyed the chicken salad sandwich and a turkey club. And as usual, the elderly ladies enjoyed 'Flora the Explora' as she wandered round visiting neighboring tables. 
  • At my eye appointment I found out the my eyesight has improved since my last eye exam 4 years ago. sweet.
  • The weather was warm enough for Florence and I to take a walk together - she loves the bright red and yellow tulips that are in bloom right now. She says in her sweet little voice, 'oohhhh!'
Hope you had some sweet blessings sprinkled into your Tuesday too....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I have been knitting this little sweater for Florence.

It has taken me ages to finish, but has been a really easy pattern.  If you fancy giving it a go, it's a free pattern (yay!) you can find it here.

The sweater is definitely not perfect, but even with all its' quirks Florence looks pretty cute in it.

I almost went with a red button - in the end I decided to go more subtle. And who knows if it still fits her in the Autumn (which it might seeing how huge it is on her...), I might just go ahead and change out the button.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

We have been sick with the stomach bug at our house this week...that is, Nathaniel and I have been, Florence has been teething.  There has been a lot of wearing sweat pants and lounging on the couch.
I was feeling much more myself yesterday, so Florence and I went on a walk to Thornden Park so Nathaniel could get some much needed rest, and to distract this little girl from the discomfort of teething.

 We managed to find and almost dry field of grass to explore.
 And look! Florence is finally walking. She is so, so pleased with herself.

Don't you just love the red pants?

When Naomi was packing up their home in Spain, she brought a suitcase to me in London full of clothes Selma wore. Naomi said they were her absolute favorite baby clothes and couldn't bear to give them to a charity shop, would I be interested in them? 
Yes - of course! 
Though I wasn't pregnant yet and Nathaniel and I had transatlantic move of our own coming up I could not resist. And we (I) have really, really been enjoying the clothes in that suitcase, these red pants and white top are just two of the awesome bits Naomi passed on.
fun - don't you think?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last week Nathaniel had the week off from school...well almost the whole week, he did have to go into school one day to do just a little work. Florence and I joined him and we were put in charge of setting up projects the students did on the fruit of the Spirit around Nathaniel's classroom. As it turned out we were not the only ones in to do a little work that day, and I met another wife who came in to keep her husband company. 
Sarah was very, very pregnant, due to have the baby in the next 5 days. She said she hoped he -the baby- would not decide to come late and be born on Leap Day (is that what 29th Feb is called???). True, I agreed that it would be a little complicated. 
So, today I am wondering whether her baby arrived or not.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Florence and Nathaniel were hanging out together yesterday afternoon while I was running errands. 
When I returned I found this little piece of art on our coffee table - I loved the paper but was a little surprised at the liberty that was taken on the table top.

I asked Nathaniel about it, he said:
'I figured that the table top was covered ugly marks and stains anyway, so why not cover it with the creativity of our daughter?'
Hmmm - He makes an interesting point.

Friday, January 6, 2012

follow up...

So I could hardly believe it this morning when I found a muffin and a half left on the plate. Apparently they liked them.  I am so glad they left one for me! - the muffin was indeed delicious.

I feel rather cheeky that they came out so well considering my out look on them last night.
I wondered if they would know that there is only have a half a cup of sugar and a quarter of a cup of oil? this is the healthiest thing I have made them.
So, I guess to sum up. I love the cranberry muffin at Panera Bread, and I felt like this muffin was just as delicious -  even without the nuts. And probably better for me anyway.

I have had a bit of a holiday from Friday morning treats, and now I am back to it and I am a bit rusty.
I poked around my kitchen at about 6.30 to see what I had to work with and it seems that I haven't been shopping in about two weeks.  All I had to work with was oranges and frozen cranberries - yes delicious I know but I feel like the guys have been over loaded with cranberry - And on top of it all it seems I used my last stick of butter last night! I know you are wondering why I don't just run out to the store, but it's a bit complicated.
So I have just put into the oven some muffins that uses the random bits I have here at home and will hopefully taste delicious.

Cranberry Pecan Streusel Muffins from
so I didn't use any nuts, wheat germ or orange extract as I didn't have them in my cupboard, but pretty impressive huh? I am quite please. and I will say that at the moment they smell absolutely delicious. I will post a picture tomorrow to show them off.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

my sweet Florence...


She will be 1 year old this month...
what ever did I do without her?