Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Florence feeding her baby doll
So, it's the end of Tuesday. It's been a good day - thanks.
Things started out a bit bumpy with an early morning and a grouchy baby but as the day unfolded God gave me a day full of sweet blessings. 
A few highlights: 
  • Florence took a wonderful long nap while I got a visit in with Nathaniel's mom and sisters.
  • When picking Nathaniel up from work he suggested we share a treat lunch at the cafe next to the school. We  enjoyed the chicken salad sandwich and a turkey club. And as usual, the elderly ladies enjoyed 'Flora the Explora' as she wandered round visiting neighboring tables. 
  • At my eye appointment I found out the my eyesight has improved since my last eye exam 4 years ago. sweet.
  • The weather was warm enough for Florence and I to take a walk together - she loves the bright red and yellow tulips that are in bloom right now. She says in her sweet little voice, 'oohhhh!'
Hope you had some sweet blessings sprinkled into your Tuesday too....

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darcie said...

yes, indeed, and thanks for the reminders to look for the sweet blessings in each day.