Saturday, December 6, 2008


FOR LUNCH: Day Old Focaccia Bread and a Side of Soft Chaumes Cheese.

The other day I was given this nice little round of cheese - Hooray! I love cheese, and it was free! I brought it home and put it in our refrigerator.

A couple hours later Nathaniel came home opened up the fridge and declared that something had gone quite bad and must be hunted down. Indeed, I was on the other side of the room and I could smell it. After smelling several different containers of leftovers, I found the little culprit - my nice little round of cheese!

Yesterday I enjoyed the above mentioned lunch, yum! but, I have a problem...

Nathaniel is just not a fan of the smell or the taste. It is up to me to eat this cheese before the smell overpowers everything else in our fridge. Where are my cheese loving family members when I need them?

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving in London

I love Thanksgiving Dinner- this year I somehow managed to get two, and in London no less! Having it twice was great, but since we had the dinners on consecutive days, I felt even more like a stuffed Turkey; I would recommend two days recuperation in between.

Friday night we enjoyed Thanksgiving with the Whites and three added guests. It was like Thanksgiving out of the pages of Bon Appetit.

Saturday mid afternoon we took the bus to the home of an American couple from church. We brought our contribution to the meal packed snugly into a bag.

At both dinners Nathaniel carried on a Jackson tradition by reading two excerpts from the diaries of William Bradford. Nathaniel says I carried on a Newton tradition by making delicious pies!
One of the Bradford excerpts was about the journey to the new land, and the other of the prospect that lay before the pilgrims upon arrival at Cape Cod. It was a tumultuous journey across the sea, and the difficulties multiplied when they reached land. But God knew their needs and He cared for them as only He can. A profound reminder of God's faithfulness to His own.