Thursday, March 17, 2011

The sun came out this past week, and not wanting to waste this precious sunshine the three of us went out for a walk around the neighborhood.
We saw and heard many exciting signs of Spring - tiny buds on the trees and flowering crocus', then there was the noisy honking of Canadian Geese above our heads flying north.
As we approached the end of our walk - across the street from our house - another sign of Spring, people clearing out their basements and clutter that has gathered up over the winter months.

Poking out of the large pile of junk we happened to see just the piece of furniture missing in our living room. A coffee table. After a quick glace over, it seemed decent enough so I picked up one end and Nathaniel the other and we walked it across the street to our little home.

Will you paint it I asked?
Nathaniel said he would do, and also said he would find something to fill the space where there used to be glass.

How good God is to provide a coffee table for us that is exactly within our budget and the then skills to spruce it up a bit.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The other day Nathaniel was keeping an eye on Florence for me while I got a few jobs done around the house.

At some point he came into the room I was working and said very seriously:

I think there is a problem...
(me slightly concerned) Whats that?
See, Florence just wants to be kissed all the time and so I can't get anything done...
I laughed and agreed I had the very same problem.

yes our Florence has the most kissable little face...
with cheeks like this who could resist?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

reminding myself

Sometimes March can be a hard month in Syracuse.

The magic of winter and snow worn off, weary of clearing snow off cars, and putting on (and taking off) layer after layer of clothing, people start to speak hopefully of Spring.

I remember my first winter here, my sister-in-law Sarah gave me The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder, as if to say "just wait till you see what you are getting in for!" I read it for the first time in my life and I admit to feeling a little nervous about the winter months ahead of me.

I laugh now - certainly winter in Syracuse is a lovely thing and the only negative really is that the weather does seem to tease you during the months of March and April. A week of temperatures in the low 40s (warm as some people here call it) will melt away the snow and tempt you to wear fewer layers when out and about. Suddenly without warning the following week there will be a snow storm dropping a 15 inches of snow leaving you with freezing temperatures and often a cold because 40 degrees really is not that warm to be traipsing about with fewer layers!

This very thing happened over the weekend...

our car is the one on the took N a good part of the morning to
shovel the snow enough so we could get out.

- and so this week instead of grumbling, I have been reminding myself of the beauty of winter, relishing my cozy sweaters, and making up my favorite soups.

And really I know that Spring Must come sometime, so I must not waste my time wishing for something that is not yet and enjoy the here and now!