Monday, March 9, 2009

are there rules for mixing denim???

So I got dressed this morning - without looking in the mirror.

Half way to my destination I realized that I was mixing my denims. Hmmm - Can this be done? I wondered to myself...or is that why those people back there looked at me funny.

When I finally found a mirror to get the full affect of my outfit - lets just say I was a little bit embarrassed.

Maybe some fabulous people out there could pull off mixing denims but quite frankly I look like a disaster.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This is what I found lined up by the front door last Friday afternoon! - the Whites had come for a visit and for me it meant the pleasure of sweet fellowship with friends, and the joy of children playing through the house!

I felt a bit like one of the bears in the story of Goldielocks when I found these two sleeping happily in our bed during nap time ...

The Whites stayed the night - and in the morning we enjoyed cinnamon rolls, coffee and tea, and good conversation.

Certainly God is good to bring friends like Daniel and Ellen into our lives - and for this I am thankful.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A couple weeks ago Nathaniel helped with a missions week in a little English village - Sherbourn St. John. He was gone for the whole week - and I was invited to join him for the weekend!

Friday morning I was up early and off to the train station. I arrived at Waterloo Station in London where I was to catch a train out to the country. I tend to feel a bit romantic about trains - I think I get it from my mom - so I brought along what any girl might have when traveling on a train to the English country side to see her husband. A good book, a few ginger snap cookies, and a special treat - a latte from a local coffee shop which I bought while stopped at Waterloo Station. hmmm - happy thoughts!

An hour and half later, I hopped off the train. Nathaniel and a few friends picked me up and off we went to see Winchester Cathedral where Nathaniel said I would see something very fun.

I was very intrigued by what I would find "fun" in a beautiful reverent cathedral so I looked and looked but seemed to look in vain! I made the full circuit and nothing! Nathaniel a few steps behind, called me back to look at something. Wouldn't you know, I missed it? There Nathaniel pointed out the "window" memorial of none other then Author Jane Austin!

The actual burial place was at the back of the cathedral - I was satisfied with the memorial window and felt no need to retrace my steps. It was indeed very fun, and as the week progressed I found out from several ladies I spoke to that I was in Jane Austin's old stomping grounds as it were! I did not have time to visit any other Austin sites but thought if I ever make it back out to Sherbourn St. John, I would happily make time to see a few of the well known landmarks.