Sunday, July 8, 2012

Last week I turned 30.
I kinda thought I would never turn 30 - but here I am!  A friend commented, "We so often get caught up in dreading growing older that we miss the blessing we enjoy in being given an other year (or day) to live."

Mom and I went to the farmers market last weekend (my birthday weekend...), she bought me a little succulent plant to go on my kitchen window sill as a birthday gift. A lovely reminder for me in the year to come of the sweet blessing I enjoy in my mom's friendship.

Thanks Mom, it looks lovely in my window.


darcie said...

hmmm, I miss you already and I love how you potted the tiny succulent!

menewton said...

i cant believe you are 30. you don't look 30, that is for sure. wasn't it cool to have mom there on your birthday? didn't that happen last year too? love you!