Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome to the world sweet baby boy!

* We are so glad you are finally here! * 

Titus Newton Jackson - born the 10th of December. 
7lbs & 21in long.
just perfect.



Rachel said... we can't wait to meet him and hold him and rock him and kiss those sweet little cheeks! i feel a road trip coming on :)

perfect way to come back.

naomi said...

come on now . . . everyone road trip THIS WAY! (and bring all those sweet babies with you!)

Welcome, Titus. we've been waiting for you!

darcie said...

I love his little hand in this picture. and don't you girls think his manly hat is awesome? knit by his creative momma!

menewton said...

i'm going to snuggle him like nobody's business!!! (the hat is adorable abi)