Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm cleaning my house.
I try to clean my house everyday...but this is special cleaning.
Mercy is coming. She is not just coming for a short little visit, she is coming for a couple months.
Yay!....rather....YAAYYYYY!!! I am so excited.

She will be here soon - there is a list of things I need to do to be ready. My weekend list (That way I don't get overwhelmed!):
Today - I'm making space in a closet for her things.
Tomorrow - rearrange furniture to fit a bed.
Sunday - probably more of the same... these days jobs tend to take a bit longer then I think.


mrsdestroyer said...

Mercy spent the morning at my house cuddling my baby while I folded laundry. I'm imagining all the fun conversations you will have and the sweet memories Florence will make with Aunt Mercy. So excited for you both!

naomi said...

am I jealous? um, yes. (and super, super excited for you!!!!!)

me said...

yeh ditto. yay for you. boo for me. post fun tidbits of your time! Oh, and by the way, how bout pics of your sweet baby????

Abigail said...

Thanks Steph - and wish I could come and have a cuddle with your sweet little one