Saturday, February 23, 2013

Winter is long and cold here in Syracuse.

Florence is not fussed.  She LOVES the snow.
As consolation to Florence for telling her that it was just way too cold to go out and play in the snow
- often a treat she gets with Nathaniel, playing in the snow is not my forte -
I said we could have a picnic on the kitchen floor.
She pulled her quilt out and spread it on the floor, I made the sandwiches and we sat and munched away.
At some point Titus woke and Florence asked if he might join us - of course - just don't squish him I warned.

And she didn't.


me said...

yay pictures! I think it's funny how much each of our kids looks like their daddy! squeeze those kids for me please; oh, and is that sweater suit something I loaned you? seems like I remember Landis in something like that but I can't keep it all together!

Abigail said...

it is a Landis outfit! isn't he handsome in it? Thanks for sending it!